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See Better with TrivexSee Better with Trivex

High Index HD Lenses

NW:specs are now available with CR-39, polycarbonate and Hivex lenses. For those shopping on a budget CR-39 is a basic and affordable lens option. Polycarbonate lenses have better optics and will be thinner and lighter than CR-39. 

Hivex lenses are the best of our three options.  Initially developed for the military. Hivex delivers lightweight comfort and optical clarity. Hivex lenses use the lightest material in the market. Unlike its popular counterpart polycarbonate, it uses a slow cooled cast molding process resulting in sharper optics. We apply anti-scratch and smudge resistant coatings to keep your NW:specs looking fresh.

Chromatic Aberration Is Bad, Mkay

Have you ever put on a new pair of eyeglasses and had a hard time focusing or felt dizzy? One of the reasons could be due to 'chromatic aberration'. The density and material of a lens will impact how light waves pass through them. Chromatic aberration is an effect caused by light waves refracting off properties in your lens.

Chromatic Aberration DiagramChromatic Aberration Diagram

Index & ABBE Values. Why They Matter.

We measure prescription eyeglass lens quality with these two important metrics. They measure the density and aberration of your lenses. A high-index value means the material is dense, therefore thinner lenses. Dense lenses can increase aberration and lower the ABBE value. The most common materials used for Rx eyeglass lenses are polycarbonate and Trivex.

Quality Without Compromising Appearance

Polycarbonate is denser than Trivex therefore it has a higher index rating. On average polycarbonate lenses are 10% thinner than their Trivex counterparts. Though thicker than polycarbonate Trivex has a much higher ABBE value. You don't have to compromise with NWspecs Hivex. With Hivex you get both thin lenses and optimal clarity without compromising either one. See how we compare below.

Index (Higher = Thinner Lenses) 1.58 1.53 1.56
ABBE (Higher = Sharper Vision) 30 43 46

Blue Light Protection With Invisi-Blue™

See Better with Trivex

Invisi-Blue™ high energy visible (HEV) light filter is exclusive to NWpsecs glasses. We encounter HEV rays or more popularly known as 'blue light' every day. Most LED device screens emit harmful high energy radiation known to cause vision loss. Blue light blocking technology is not new, many devices offer a blue light filter option. However the protection comes at a cost of adding residual yellow or purple tint to the image.

NW:specs Invisi-Blue™ light blocking technology effectively stops blue light without the residual color. No other 'blue-blocking' solution can compare with our 88% HEV absorption with less than 2% residual color. If you want to cut your daily blue light intake, simply choose the Invisi-Blue™ option when selecting your frames.

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Dedicated To Superior Design

We are committed to creating stylish eyeglasses and sunglasses with superior optics. From our Rx glasses with ultra-light Hivex lenses to our smudge proof polarized shades, when you try on a pair of NW:specs you will see the difference.

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